Did you forget to push the elevator button?

Did you forget to push the elevator button?

The incident

Few days back, I was going for a client meeting. I entered the elevator and to my surprise, the elevator didn’t move for a minute. When I looked at the elevator buttons, I couldn’t find the floor button light glowing! I had forgotten to push the floor number button and hence the elevator didn’t move. I was so engrossed with my thoughts, I was wondering why the elevator was not working properly!

The trigger

A prospective client asked me ‘Why should I hire your services when I know what should I be doing?’ I told her that if she thinks my advice will not be of use to her, there is no point in further discussion. If you observe, my elevator experience and this client interaction has a similarity. Many times, entrepreneurs know what to do in terms of marketing. Since entrepreneurs have so many things to work on every day, they keep on postponing marketing activities. This happens because marketing is not a statutory function like finance. In-spite of knowing ‘what to do’ of marketing, entrepreneurs still ‘don’t get it done’ like me forgetting to press elevator button!

What you can do?
An adviser is like an architect. She will exactly design your house. If you just want to beatify the existing house, you can hire an interior designer. If you want to beautify your house on your own, you can buy required furniture, curtains, etc. You can change location of your sofa, book shelf, etc. In short, if you know ‘what to do’, what’s stopping you to actually ‘do it’? You decide whether you want to hire services of an architect/interior designer/self-help!

Regards, Sachin Mohan Bhide, PhD Marketing Strategy Consultant Eha Management Consultancy

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