Education industry needs to transform itself

Education industry needs to transform itself

Hi, Recently I had numerous discussions with students, teachers, parents, and directors of number of academic institutions like schools, management institutes, etc. from these discussions, I observed that the education industry needs to transform itself to adapt the new demands, technology, customers, and competition.

Is it an industry?

First, the education industry which actually doesn’t call itself an ‘industry’ needs to start calling itself an ‘industry’. What you get by working in any industry other than education industry is so called ‘industry experience’. Isn’t it surprising that experience of working in education industry is not called as ‘industry experience!

Writing or authoring?

Second, teachers should now stop writing research papers and should start authoring articles for newspapers, magazines, etc. many of the teachers write research papers to meet the research paper publication numbers which are made mandatory by the governing institutions or apex bodies. The articles in newspapers and magazines are commonly read by students, parents, employers, and society in general. Such article authoring will make teacher’s thinking much more practical. I also think that teacher should stop writing text books and start authoring books which will establish new theories. This being again a statutory academic requirement, teachers have to write text books on same subjects again and again! many times there is no value addition in such exercise. If teachers author their thoughts, concepts, theories on which they want to work. such books will become much more solid bodies of knowledge.

battle or war?

Third, today’s educational institutes should move away from ‘reactive’ management to ‘proactive’ management. Many institutes don’t have operational system in place for their efficient working. These organizations are simply fighting daily battles and they don’t care about winning a war.

Academic quality – what?

Fourth, the most annoying situation at educational institutes is losing importance of academic quality. Everything other than improving academic quality is on the agenda it seems. There is a need to facilitate interdisciplinary learning than only subject wise teaching. What do you think? I am looking forward to your feedback.

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