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Eha Management Consultancy is a Business Strategy Consultancy which will assist organizations to grow their business through our expertise in Business Strategy Designing. We are a Business Strategy Consultant since year 2009. We have team of experts from varied fields with whom we work together to provide you effective service. We have served clients from varied industries with varied scales of their businesses.

We provide Business Strategy Design in a documented form. We have established world’s best information gathering process for Strategy Designing projects based on our experience. After getting initial information from the client, we do our research and we come out with first draft of Business Strategy Design Document. Based on our discussions on the draft we again work on it to come out with second and final draft. You get Business Strategy Document which includes wheels of the strategy, that is Strategic Projects and Fuel of the Strategic Projects, that is Budget. You can have excellent Strategy but if not implemented well can remain a wishful thinking. To avoid this trap, we have designed one of the world’s best Strategic Calendar mechanism to help you in Strategy Execution. This process takes around two to six month’s time based on nature and scale of your business.

Pricing of our services varies for each project and client because we believe that each requirement is different and hence the pricing should also be different.

Do get in touch with us to initiate the discussion. We are warmly looking forward to interact with you.

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