Business Strategy Consulting

  • Designed marketing strategy for Sunrise Tours and Travels. The client created consolidated marketing plan for the first time. The client received around 50% revenue growth after strategy implementation.
  • Provided marketing strategy consultancy to Ginger Tours and Travels. The company is now executing the marketing strategy.
  • Provided marketing strategy consultancy to niche Travel Company.
  • Provided marketing strategy consultancy to education consultancy.
  • Providing marketing strategy consultancy to Regulus IT. With the strategy, the client could effectively market its Software as a Service (SaaS) product in India.
  • Provided marketing strategy consultancy to San Techno Mentors, a leading engineering training service provider.
  • Designed a marketing strategy for Agile Avenues Pvt. Ltd. an IT product company. The client got extremely precise, timely, and valuable marketing plan and inputs.
  • Provided marketing strategy consultancy to InCrust Software a web technology development exporter. The client has now started reaping the rewards of marketing plan.
  • Designed business strategy for listed manufacturing company. The client had seen phenomenal growth in a short span of a decade. It was not having a formal strategy in place.
  • Provided marketing consultancy to Mousam Tours & Travels. The client is now managing marketing tasks, delegation, and budgeting effectively.
  • Conducted salary structure survey for Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA), the sample size was 150 companies based in and around Pune. The data collection work was completed in exactly two months and one week’s time.
  • Developed company presentation for integrated marketing firm in realty industry. The client wanted the presentation within 24 hours from the first interaction. Many components of the presentation were not thought by the client. Hence, the client not only got the presentation but also these presentation components.
  • Developed marketing strategy for IT product company into FMCG automation space. The client understood the importance of having a disciplined marketing effort.
  • Diagnosed a management system and gave recommendations for improvement for Construction Company. The client got a readymade list of action items to put itself on a growth path.
  • Developed pre-sales process for software Product Company. The client then implemented the process and now reaping the rewards of following a pre-sales standard process.
  • Conducted market research for R.S. Mirgane, an infrastructure company. The client could take an important decision based on the survey results.
  • Designed a marketing strategy for computer hardware and Software Company. The client made a required shift in its focus and now reaping the rewards.
  • Designed marketing strategy for e-commerce start-up considering existing competition and aspiration of the founder.
  • In addition to designing marketing strategy, I assisted client in developing marketing skills in few of its team member. I also conducted interviews for marketing team recruitment.
  • In the process of developing case study, recommending useful data points and research, and suggesting few areas of improvement.
  • Developed marketing strategy for specialised domain in education industry.
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