Effective Business Plan Tool

Here is a Business Planning Workbook.
Idea is that you should think over these pointers quickly and fill in details wherever possible. If this workbook is taking lot of time, we can discuss this over phone or in person.
This is a thought starter activity for Business Plan designing.
Just fill in your name and let’s get started quickly.

Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide
Strategy Designer
Eha Management Consultancy

Designing Business Plan at Functional, Operational, & Offerings level

Select suitable functions, operations and offerings, add missing items

Functional Operational Offerings
Sales & Marketing Research & sales Make it easy to understand
Project Management Communication disciplines Quality
Finance Approach Revenue optimization
Strategy Front & back end Premium
Information Technology Phases Optimum performance
Human Resource Need analysis Defect free
Sourcing Cost analysis Better pricing
Optimizing Systems System analysis Better quality
Strategy Strategy Revenue development
Traffic expertise Identifying core problem Reduced risk
Garbage recycling expertise Identifying alternatives Responsible living
Information Technology Improvement areas & solutions available Quick turnaround
Analysis Scanning Specific
Team work Identifying collaboration route Efficient
Knowledge of funding channels Estimation & approach Economical

Understanding Business Environment

Select suitable items or add to Business Environment, Infrastructure Set up, & Projects

Business environment Infrastructure Projects
Customer environment Physical & digital infrastructure Customer acquisition
Internal environment Human infrastructure Skills & practice
Economic environment Effectiveness infrastructure Funding plan
Adapting to new environment Mindset infrastructure Route options
Technology environment Acceptance infrastructure Area identification
Learning environment Aspirational infrastructure Mindset change
Production environment Quality infrastructure Primary study
System environment Objectivity infrastructure System focus
Nimble environment Building for future Hunger is power
Social environment Transportation infrastructure Short listing problems
Responsibility environment Door to nature infra Identifying options
Process environment Process infra Improvement opportunities
Environment of options Cause based infra Evaluating alternatives
Partnering environment Collaborative infra Need areas
Funding environment Funding eligible infra Litmus testing