We have taught varied management subjects and have also conducted numerous workshops. Here is an indicative list of subjects we have taught and value addition workshops we had conducted. Numerous educational institute’s students and faculties have benefited from our teaching, here is a client list.

Subjects taught

B2B Marketing

Consumer Behaviour

Digital Consumer and Digital Branding

Integrated Marketing Communications

International Marketing

Internet Marketing and Internet of Things

Management Information System (MIS)

Marketing Management

Mass Communication, Media and Culture

Media Planning and Buying


Sales and Distribution Management

Services Marketing

Software Marketing

Strategic Management

Study Skills

Virtual Marketing

Web analytics

Value Addition Workshops:

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals – First and second year students
  2. Advanced Digital Marketing – First and second year students
  3. Digital Marketing Enlightenment
  4. Effective marketing for e-commerce start-ups – First and second year

How marketing is done effectively in e-commerce industry

  1. Designing Effective business plan – second year

How business idea is transformed into practical action steps

  1. Resume writing – first and second year

This is a hands-on workshop where we start with basic resume and transform it into effective resume by the end of the day

  1. Group Discussion – first and second

Basics of group discussion will be covered. Topics are given to students in advance. Students prepare on the list of topics given. Then practice group discussion sessions will happen. This workshop will require video recording facility.

  1. Personal interviews – second year

Basics of personal interviews will be explained. Students will be given list of frequently asked questions. Student will also be given specific job opening descriptions. The job opening descriptions will be provided by placement team. Mock interviews of the students will be conducted.

  1. Effective digital marketing – second year

Students will be introduced to basic components of digital marketing. They will then practice the activities hands-on on computer.

  • Reading skills – first and second year

Students will be introduced to basic reading skills and techniques. Then students will be given one book each, which they will read and present book review.

  • How to develop positive attitude – first and second year

Introduction to attitude and need for controlling our attitude will be discussed. Then steps required for developing positive attitude will be discussed along with exercises.

  • How to think – first and second year

Introduction will be given about thinking skill and techniques. Students will learn different types of thinking techniques through exercises and discussions.

  • Identifying job opportunities / How to get a job? – First and second year

Introduction to steps required to take for identifying job opportunities will be explained. Majority of the steps will be covered in the workshop.

  • Effective career management – First and second year

Introduction to what is career and need to manage it. Then different steps require for career management will be discussed and taught through exercises.

  • How to become professional – First and second year

Introduction to what is professionalism and steps required to become professional are taught through exercises.

  • How to develop yourself as a brand – First and second year

Introduction to need for individual branding with steps for it will be shared.

  • How to market ideas – Second year

How to market ideas with steps and exercises

  • Effective learning skills – First year

What is learning, how to learn and relevant exercises.

  • Effective selling – First and second year

Basic selling skills along with exercises

  • Effective market research – First and second year

Practical ways to conduct market research with exercises

  • How to develop a strategy – Second year

What is a strategy, steps for developing a strategy, and hands on exercises in strategy development

  • How to develop marketing system – Second year

What is a system, need to have a marketing system, stages and of marketing system development with hands-on exercises

  • Effective international marketing – Second year

International markets, challenges in international marketing, hands-on exercises in developing international marketing

  • How to prepare yourself for placement – First and second year

Need to be placement ready candidate, expectations from employers and placement team, steps required to be taken to become placement ready along with hands-on exercises

  • Campus to corporate – Second year

Transforming from a student to a working professional, mindset required along with dos and don’ts

  • Effective sales and distribution management – Second year

Challenges in sales and distribution along with solution development and hands-on exercises

  • How to develop effective marketing strategy? – Second year

Need for effective marketing strategy, process of developing the strategy, system of strategy execution along with hands-on exercises

  • Business sutra – First and second year

Stories of successful business along with hands on exercises

  • Effective use of technology for management – First and second year

Need for using technology in management along with areas of technology usage and hands-on exercises

  • Effect services marketing – Second year

Need to understand demands of marketing services, process of marketing services along with hands-on exercises

  • Effective Management Information System – First/Second year

Need and importance of MIS along with different types of MIS along with hands-on exercises

  • Effective writing – First and second year

Need and importance of effective writing, how to write important items like letter/message/notes along with hands-on exercises

  • Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making – First year

Identifying problems from symptoms, exploring alternatives in problem solving, creativity, and decision making process along with hands-on exercises

  • Effective public speaking – First and second year

How to develop public speaking skill along with hands-on exercises

  • Effective e-mail writing – First and second year

How to write email, dos and don’ts along with hands-on exercises – First and second year

  • Fundamentals of marketing – What is marketing, sales, market research, advertising, branding, consumer behaviour, customer relationship management, digital marketing along with hands-on exercises – First and second year
  • Refresher course on marketing – Case studies in marketing along with hands-on exercises – First and second year
  • Pillars of effective digital marketing strategy – Introduction to digital marketing, its strategy, and the pillars model – First and second year
  • Web analytics – Introduction to Web Analytics approach, Waterfall model of web visit, Salmon run model of Web analytics, Chart paper assignment on Salmon run model of Web analytics, Introduction to tool Google Analytics Access to Google Analytics tool to students, Introduced Web Analytics tools, Blog, Introduction to Off and On site Web Analytics, Introduction to importance of having a website, Practical on free website creation‎

– Suitable for first and second year students

  • Circle of specialisation – First and second year students
  • Effective digital marketing – first and second year students
  • Entrepreneurship course – Total 30 Hours, each topic can be covered in one day workshop. At the time of each workshop, entrepreneurial story will be presented by students through a book review
    1. How develop entrepreneurial mindset?
    2. How to develop effective business plan?
    3. Effective marketing for entrepreneurs
    4. Effective human resource management for entrepreneurs
    5. Effective operations management for entrepreneurs
    6. Effective financial management for entrepreneurs
  • Marketing terminology – Introduction to words/jargon used in marketing – Suitable for MBA specialization students
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