Why Full Day Workshop on Advanced Digital Marketing?

I was in a hurry, getting ready for a meeting. My phone rang. Lady on the call said, “I have called you regarding Advanced Digital Marketing workshop you are conducting. I have few queries regarding it.” I told her to ask all the queries she had. Following questions and answers is what we discussed and I thought it would be useful to anybody else who is interested in the workshop.

MCCIA is organizing this workshop on Advanced Digital Marketing on 20 July 2018, for details visit https://goo.gl/NAZZP5

Why this workshop is called Advanced Digital Marketing?

In the Digital Marketing Fundamentals workshop we covered :

  1. Developing Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Developing new Website/optimizing existing Website
  3. Writing & publishing Blog
  4. Setting up Email Marketing System
    Now we will be moving to the next level and hence it is called an Advanced Digital Marketing workshop.

Digital marketing fundamentals

What exactly participants will learn in Advanced Digital Marketing workshop?

In this workshop, learn:

  1. How your website visitors behave, we will learn the tool Google Analytics
  2. Learn to help your searchers through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    1. What is SEO?
    2. Importance of SEO
    3. SEO methodology
  3. The power of media is at your fingertips thorough Social Media. Learn how to use it effectively.
    1. Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Twitter
    2. Designing content for social media
    3. Ways to build & engage audience

Advanced digital marketing

Once the participants will learn the Advanced Digital Marketing skills, will that be sufficient?

Consider Digital Marketing as an approach and not a onetime subject. We need to update ourselves continuously.

Digital marketing approach

How the learning will be effective in this workshop?

  1. In this workshop we will have practical in each session on a computer. Participants can either bring their own laptops or we can also arrange a laptop for them at some marginal additional price.
  2. We also recommend participants to get their dongles for internet connectivity.
  3. We use Google Classroom platform for connecting with participants and all the workshop material is shared digitally. Whatever activities participants will complete, they share the links through Google Classroom and then trainer evaluates each and every assignment completed by the participants and provides feedback.

Eha management consultancy

Eha management consultancy

This program is designed for what kind of participants?

In the previous workshop was attended by participants from varied industry sectors like pharmaceuticals, chemical, steel, pumps, publishing, legal, alloy, advanced materials, engineering design, industry association, education, information technology, biotechnology,construction and networking technology. Participants were from top management, middle management and operational level management.

This workshop can be attended by

  • Marketing Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Engineers, Start-ups
  • Students
  • Anybody who wants to do effective marketing

Eha management consultancy

Eha management consultancy

Which language will be the primary medium of communication at the workshop?

We will be primarily communicating in English and the trainer is well versed with Hindi and Marathi if there is need to effectively communicate with a specific participant individually.

What kind of expertise you bring to the table for conducting this workshop?

Eha Management Consultancy is expert in designing digital marketing strategy. I have trained lots of professionals in this domain of digital marketing. I have two decades of award winning experience in varied industries. I have authored numerous book on Effective Digital Marketing Strategy in addition to many other books. I have earned a PhD in Management in addition to Masters in Business Administration & Commerce. I have also authored numerous Research Papers, Blogs and articles in newspapers and magazines.

A shorter version of the similar discussion we had on interview is here :
Interview video https://youtu.be/zytspTbRhwo Interview audio https://goo.gl/CQayUi

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide
Strategy Designer
Eha Management Consultancy

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