Why to Participate in Designing Effective Business Plan’ One Day Workshop

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Dr Sachin Bhide will be conducting workshop on ‘Designing Effective Business Plan’ on Saturday, 17 Nov 2018, from 10am to 5pm at 91springboard Pune, Sky Loft, Creaticity Mall, Opposite Golf Course, Off, Airport Rd, Shastrinagar, Yerawada, Pune. The workshop is organized by 91springboard Pune.

Check out Dr Sachin’s interview on ‘Designing Effective Business Plan’ workshop here. In interview Dr Sachin has explained ‘Why Designing Effective Business Plan workshop is important and its outcome’.

Also, have look on the Q&A used in the Interview.

1. Why this workshop is titled as Designing Effective Business Plan?

Business Planning is required for New Organizations and Matured Organizations. Business Planning is used by Businesses and also by Cities, Countries, and Not for Profit Organizations. Business Planning is required for one person organization or a million people organization. Design is a clear diagram of components, similarly this workshop will provide the components of a business plan. Since this is tried and tested model, we call it ‘effective’.

2. Why session on Business Plan Model & Identifying Objectives?

We have designed the Jet Engine Model of Business Planning. This model is simple to understand, easy to remember and smooth to execute. In this session, we will introduce the model. Business Plan without objectives is like travelling without a destination. We will identify your business plan objectives also in this session.

3. Is it important to plan for resources?

Manny businesses and nonprofits are wishful thinkers. They don’t invest right kind of resources. Their behavior is reactive. We recommend being proactive and hence the business plan needs to be designed at Functional, Operational and Offerings level. In this session, participants will design their business plan at Functional, Operational and Offerings level.

4. What’s the need to understand Business Environment?

We don’t live in isolation, we live in a society. Similarly, businesses also leave in the business environment. For any business plan to be successful, there is a need to understand the business environment.

5. What kind of arrangements are required for business plan execution?

For many businesses, their business plan is in the management’s mind and is never documented. Furthermore, there are many businesses who will document their business plan, though will miss on executing it well. In this session, we will provide simple tricks on how to execute your business plan.

6. Is it possible to learn all these topics in one day?

This will be your beginning to learn business planning. You will have to practice these techniques to call yourself learned in business planning.

7. Who can participate in this workshop?

Anybody who is interested in making their business successful, can participate in this workshop. Participants can be from different scales of business can also join like startups, grown-up and matured organizations. Participants can be from for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

8. How this workshop is different?

This workshop is based on proprietary, original and simple business planning model. It is developed based on years of experience. The model is tried and tested. The workshop will be completely based on practical approach where at the end of the day, you will end up creating at least first draft of your business plan.

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