‘Bawarchi’ Model of Customer Service

‘Bawarchi’ Model of Customer Service

Lessons from the Classic Hindi movie ‘Bawarchi’ for Customer Service

Customer Service, is a challenging role. Recently I say the Classic Hindi movie ‘Bavarchi’ after a long time. While watching the movie, I felt that the philosophical dialogues could be great motivators for all those involved in or aspire to be in Customer Service role. Here is the philosophy.

  • Mujhe koi nahi janta, lekin main Aap sab ko janta hoon.

When you are serving your customer, you may feel inferior. You should focus on knowing your customer very well, whether you are well known or not, does not matter.

  • Raja ki puja sirf uske desh mein hoti hai lekin Vidvan ki puja sare vishva mein hoti hain.

It is said that customer is King and you know how the king behaves sometimes. I’ve seen that some customers ruthlessly behave with their service providers. Always remember the above quote that the ‘King is only worshiped in his kingdom, whereas the Scholar learned person is worshiped throughout the world!

  • Chalis se kya hoga itni mehengai ki duniya mein, aap tis de dijiye.

Negotiation is a great art that is always in demand. Many still look at negotiation as a bargaining skill, which it is not! Some companies have a habit of purposely misguiding the customers so as to earn more revenue. You will remember when you bought that food item, first time you felt extra cheese is free. Once you got the bill, you observed it is charged extra but not mentioned while taking your order. At a cafe, they asked you coffee mug size (purposefully largest) and asked you for additional flavour. Again, when you ordered it at the first time you thought that these options do not make difference. When you went to the same place again, your experienced friend told you how to avoid the extra charge trap!

You will rarely meet a service provider who thinks in terms of your best interest and reduces price on her own!

  • Is bakse me kya hai? Is bakse mein maan Annapurna ka daan hai!

You can provide professional customer service, only if you have tool kit. Without tools, you are amateur and not professional.

  • Apna kaam to sabhi karte hai, thoda dusro ka kam karke dekhiye kitna sukh milta hai!

Volunteering is an excellent Customer Service skill. Not everybody likes to be a volunteer. I have observed that many volunteers are forced to do the task, they are not volunteers. Unless you are genuinely caring for a human being, you will never achieve excellence in Customer Service.

  • Bajay sabke paas chai le Jane se, sab chai ke paas aa nahi sakte?

Sometimes, having a quick meeting is more effective than having only digital communication.

  • Tum paraye ho ke samhajte ho lekin ye apne nalayk kaise nahi samajhte?

I have observed that some customers are genuinely taking care of their service providers. These service providers are employees of a Company. Some Companies don’t care much for their employees. They are completely blind in saying Customer is our only focus. But they forget that employees are their internal customers.

  • Kalse sirf chai nahi chai ke pehele malish!

Positively surprising customers is an art. Explore how you can give something add-on to your sutomers.

  • Ye jo chhoti chhoti baatein hain na, aisa lagta hai ki uska kuchh matlab nahi, lekin kitne maine rakhti hai ye!

Your actions are going to add up and will become your behaviour. Each action may look small, just remember that you are building your behaviour, one action at a time.

  • Punya ki kamain voh hai jo dusre ko sukh deke mile.

When you please your customer, colleague, family member, friend, etc. then you will be happy.

It is so simple to be happy but it is so difficult to be simple!

Being simple/complex is relative. Use them wisely; otherwise, you will be entangled in what others think.

  • Kisi badi khushi ke intajar mein hum ye chhote chhote khushi ke maunke kho dete hai!

Enjoy the present moment of while serving your customer.

  • Gaane ki nakal karte karte Gaane ki akal bhi aagayi!

Copying is generally ridiculed and there is a reason for that. Copying blindly, copying without understanding, copying without thinking is wrong. Copying for positive purpose is good. Sam Walton, the man who had built world’s biggest retail chain Wal-Mart demonstrated this unique ability to learn from other retails stores. Whenever he visited retail stores across the world, he shared the learning with the company and adapted the best practices.

  • Dusre ko madat karke jo khushi milti hai uska jawab nahi. Jara dusro ko madat karke dekhiye na!

Teamwork is difficult. Customer Service is also difficult. Good team work will translate into great customer service! For teamwork, helping each other is important.

Sharing happiness spreads quickly. Remember to celebrate your happiness.

  • Hum jindagi mein bahot kuchh karna chahte hai. Jyada pyar deke kya hum wo kami ko dur nahi kar sakte?

Our desires may not be always be fulfilled, that is life. Can we at least spread the love for humankind whether our desires are fulfilled or not?

  • Sirf ek achha insan hi ek achha kalakar ban sakta hai.

Customer Service is an art, if you want to learn this art, be a good human being.

  • Guru aur Ahankar se insan kabhi uccha nahi ho sakta.

I know it all attitude is dangerous in Customer Service.

  • Jo jisko datata hai, usi se to utnah voh pyaar karta hai.

Sometimes your superiors will scold you. Remember that they care for you, customers, company they are working for.

  • Jisme insan ki bhalai hon, woh kam Kabhi bura ho nahi sakta.

While servicing your customers, always remember that the benefit should be provided to the customer. Sometime back, when I had gone for a grocery shopping, I wanted to buy dustbin bags. The bags were available but the retail store staff said I could not buy those because those were not entered in store software! I was surprised. The store could have had a policy for handling such exceptions. The store employee could have still sold the bags and later could have made product entry and sales entry.

  • Jindagi Anand hai aur Anand Gyan se prapta hota hai. Gyan prapta karo Aur gyan baato.

Being a knowledgeable Customer Service professional is important.

  • Pyaar oon sab me tha lekin unpar sirf dhul jam gayo thi, maine sirf woh saaf kardi.

Sometimes our mindset can be a major obstacle in honing our positive attitude required for Customer Service. Change your mind set for good to provide excellent Customer Service.

I hope you will like these quotes and explanation. I will look forward to your feedback.

Sachin Mohan Bhide
Image source:http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3508335360/tt0068257?ref_=tt_ov_i
Entire movie is available at:https://youtu.be/tGIzjOoAeZc
Movie details available at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068257/

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