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Make Business Strategy Designing objective process
Strategy gives right direction to your business whether you are for Profit or Not for Profit. Engaging external entity in designing your Strategy makes the Strategy Designing process more Objective.
Unique Approach

We have a unique approach towards Strategy consulting. We started as management consultants. We also worked as business management consultants.

First Class Strategy Designer

Eha Management Consultancy is First Class Strategy Designer. We are effective Business Strategy Consultants. We are based in Pune and catering to clients worldwide.

Although we as a Business Strategy Consultant in Pune (India), we do projects across the world!

Practice Areas

Strategy Design

We can design Transformation Plan for your organization. Such plan includes initiatives to optimize costs, boost productivity and improve customer service.

Management Training

We are path breakers in providing management training since our complete focus is on giving you practical tools for your everyday challenges. We are firm believers that technology is transforming our work space and hence we use it in the training programs.

Management Teaching

We are trailblazers in the field of management teaching. We are firm believers that there is a need to change method of teaching from lecturing to hands-on. We conduct our teaching engagements through a workshop method.

About Eha Management Consultancy

We assist organizations to grow their business through our expertise in Business Strategy Designing. We are a Business Strategy Consultant since year 2009. We are a business strategy also a business management strategy consultants.

We have served clients from varied industries with varied scales of their businesses. We provide Business Strategy Design in a documented form. We have established world’s best information gathering process for Strategy Designing projects based on our experience. After getting initial information from the client, we do our research and we come out with first draft of Strategy Design Document.


IT Services 87%
Education Services 85%
Manufacturing Industry 82%
Others 80%


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Satisfied customers

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Completed Cases


Designing Effective Business Plan

Business Planning is required for New Organizations and Matured Organizations. Business Planning is used by Businesses and also by Cities, Countries, and Not for Profit Organizations. Business Planning is required for one person, organization or a million people organization.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective digital marketing strategy

As your customers are increasingly becoming digital, it is inevitable that you too would market your company digitally! If you design an effective digital marketing strategy, you will get results. Digital marketing as expected may yield different results for different clients. If you are a digital marketing agency, it is important for you to understand the marketing strategy of your customer. This book will provide you with a roadmap for developing your digital marketing strategy.

The road to entrepreneurial journey is difficult. You may have been in business for a long time or you may have just started your business or you are planning to start a new business. To ease your challenges in marketing here is a book which will guide you.

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