Conversations may make or break your business

Conversations may make or break your business

It can be a brilliant proposal submitted by a consultant. It can be a wonderful project that can bring in enormous profits. It can be a mind blowing idea that can transform the way we live. All these proposals, projects and ideas can be thrown into the trashcans if they are not properly presented and explained. There isn’t an iota of doubt that conversations make or break your business. In general, clients expect that consultants to explain well all the intricacies and iron out all the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ involved in any of the proposals. Is there any strategy to do make good conversations? Eha Management Consultancy in Pune stresses that strategies are available and there are loads of resources for good and authoritative conversation. Just before going through the crux of those strategies, let us see few examples of common conversation mistakes that can dampen your career success.

  • Colloquial speech: using filler words such as ‘so’, ‘like’, ’uh’, ’um’ are never appreciated in business conversations.
  • Wrong emphasize of words: When differently stressed, meaning of “A is better than B” and “A is better than B” sends wrong sense.
  • Lightning speech: Over enthusiasm and nervousness always results in fast speech.
  • Neglect of mannerism: Nobody likes to see the speaker smacking his lips at the end of every sentence or any other repetitive gestures.

Coming to the real context of the topic, what can be the conversation strategies that can enhance your career prospectus?

  1. Think and speak: It is true that most of the consultants have readymade solutions for all the problems in the world. But still, listen to the client, control your impulse to offer the readymade solution and seek diagnostic details to remove the uncertainties. This quality is a sure shot winner to gain the trust of the client and establish your worthiness. And believe us, this will enable you to prepare in-depth proposal with minimal assumptions, crystal clear clarity and present an opportunity for the client to know your expertise level and also style of working. As a word of caution, while conversing with prospective clients, the diagnostic questions should have the sharp focus on the impending issue and not what you have done for such earlier situations.
  2. Be in touch: Once the contractual project or assignment is completed, it is normally expected that client would re-hire the consultant for next one. Just before completing the on-going project, talk to your client and offer them your services again. If your work has added value to their business, they would welcome your services and ask for ideas. Present your new ideas for a recurring problem and be sure to emphasize the impact it can create for their growth. In a nut shell, your conversation should not revolve around to build the client relationship but also to demonstrate your dedication.
  3. Good conversation skills are one of the pre-requisites for a good business professional. As a professional offering business consultant services in Pune, it can be categorically stated that to excel in business, it is essential to avoid the common conversational mistakes and build your rapport through flawless conversation with your counterparts, colleagues, clients, sub-ordinates and every other one who matters for the business growth.

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