Digital Marketing – a boon with minimal budget

Digital Marketing – a boon with minimal budget

Marekt yourself with zero-budget or minimal budget

Digital Marketing today is really a boon for all, especially for small entrepreneurs and businessman, professionals and educators.

The problem we face is reaching to masses, that to appropriate audiance. The challanges are expertiese, various platforms and the major is financial budget.

The free and opensource tools online help to grab the opportunity to reach to the masses, spread and publish worldwide, get feedback, keep on revising based on feedback and with zero or minimal finacial budget.

What is the best benefit is we become independent in developing and marketing our content as everything is so easy to create using various tools and plug-ins. You just name it and the plenty of options available to create. These platforms are not just only restricted to websites but we may reach to people using WhatsApp or like mobile app applications as well.

This Digital Marketing Enlightment workshop gave us insight about having holistic approach right from defining, designing the strategy for Digital Marketing till its implementation. We are sure that this systematic approach would help us to grow and brand ourselves in appropriate manner.

– Prof. Suvarna Dhamdhere


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