Marketing Wafer

Marketing Wafer

Recently I came across an article which explained science behind the walking stone.

This phenomenon of walking stone is found in ‘Death valley’ in California, USA. It was found that the stones in the valley move on its own. When scientist studied the phenomenon, they observed that the stones move because of specific climatic condition in the valley. An ice lake is formed of around seven centimetre height. The lake creates an elongated ice formation. In the sun, the ice starts melting and becomes a wafer which is five millimetre thick and ten meter long. Ice wafer holds the stone tight and starts spreading. This movement happens when the wind speed is ten to fifteen kilometres. This all happens when the water, ice, heat, and wind speed is within specific limit only!

I feel marketing is like this ice wafer which moves your business forward. It requires right combination of good product/service, research, advertising, sales, after-sales, branding etc. So are you creating marketing wafer for your business?

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