Web Analytics for Researchers Workshop proceedings

Web Analytics for Researchers Workshop proceedings


Recently I conducted a workshop on Web Analytics for Researchers. Here the proceedings of the workshop you will find interesting.


In web Analytics for Researchers workshop, we discussed and did hand-on activities on:
Introduction & Need for Web Analytics for Researchers –

Existing knowledge available on Web Analytics can be only understood by somebody who understands software development.

In reality, all of us need to know what Web Analytics is because we are all driven by Web!

I introduced ‘Salmon Run Model of Web Analytics’ that I have designed.
Creating a website –
Just knowing Web Analytics is not enough for a Researcher.

We are all major consumers of content available on Web but rarely are we Producers of the content on Web. Web site should work like your home base on web.

PhD researchers and Post PhD researchers designed and published their website for free!
Creating a blog –

The best way to keep your presence up to date on Web is through a Blog.

Participants wrote and published their blog for free!
Creating a content plan –
Just developing your website and a Blog is not enough these days. A Researcher should come out with Presentation slides, audios, videos, etc. For this purpose,

We need to come up with a content plan which will help us to project ourselves as Experts on Web also!

Participants created their individual content plan! I had asked participants to identify forty eight topics for one year considering one topic per week.

Presentations download

For more details, you can download the presentations at https://goo.gl/HorpOq

Event photos

Photos of the event are available at https://goo.gl/dE4aa4
As always, I will be eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide
Marketing Strategy Consultant
Eha Management Consultancy

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