How to identify your Specialization?

How to identify your Specialization?

I got a call from Satish and he said,
“We are a start up and we want to develop new software which will solve problems faced by companies across different industries. How can we define our specialization?”

While chatting, my friend Rima said,
“I handle a large team in the multi-national company I work with. The team members get bogged down into daily work and don’t identify and work on specialization they should develop. How can I help them?”

Rahul, an Executive MBA course student asked,
“I have to select specialization for second year of my course. How can I go about it?”

I though the answer we gave to all three of them about how to develop your specialization may be of interest to you. Refer to ‘Circle of specialization’ – A model we have designed for identifying your specialization.

You can download the presentation here

We hope that you will find this model useful. We will look forward to your feedback.