Marketing planning for year 2015

Marketing planning for year 2015

Dear entrepreneur,

If you don’t plan your marketing, your market will not respond positively to you!

Today I had a chat from my client. It went on something like this:
Client: I am waiting for you blog on “marketing planning for next year.
Me: I am planning a session on marketing challenges in 2015. Do you think it’s a good idea?
Client: I think as the New Year is going to start everybody want to start New Year with some planning. As you always say marketing is long term. But companies want to achieve few things in short time.
Me: Let me think over and get back
Client: So how to build a time bounded full year marketing plan?
Me: Wonderful input! I will get back to you on this. Thank you for recommending topic!
And here I am answering my client and hopefully your question.

  1. Create a marketing plan. If you don’t have a written marketing plan, you are not marketing! If you want a form which will help you with planning, here you go
  2. I will also suggest you to check your marketing health here
  3. It is not possible for me to give you a lot more inputs on planning but you can book my upcoming book on ‘Effective marketing for entrepreneurs’ here
  4. Digital marketing is becoming inevitable part of your marketing efforts. To know more about how to do it effectively, you may want to participate in this session

I will look forward to your feedback.
Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide
Marketing Consultant
Eha Management Consultancy


This communication shall not attach any liability on the originator or Eha Management Consultancy. There is a possibility that I may have noted some point incorrectly. It is advisable to double check the points before you take any decision based on it. Also note that I don’t represent any industry association, chamber of commerce, etc.

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