Learning source-Podcasts

Learning source-Podcasts

Is continuous learning possible?

A teacher asked me how I keep my knowledge up-to-date. She told me that she doesn’t get any time for reading. I told her that I don’t read much but I do listen a lot! There is something called as a Podcast. I think the name comes from combination of two words –iPod and Broadcast. These are nothing but audio file available for free download on almost any topic under the sun.


I download these audio files on topics of my interests in my mobile phone. There is no special app requirement to play these audio files. I listen to these audios when I am travelling, having some free time when I go for meetings, etc.

What you can do?

To get started, I will suggest you to go to sites like http://www.learnoutloud.com/Podcast-DirectoryPodcast-Directory for podcasts and https://librivox.org for free audio books (not pirated). You can also search on Google for topics of your interest + podcast.

Regards, Sachin Mohan Bhide, PhD Marketing Strategy Consultant Eha Management Consultancy sachin@ehamanagementconsultancy.com

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