How to identify your Specialization?

I got a call from Satish and he said, “We are a start up and we want to develop new software which will solve problems faced by companies across different industries. How can we define our specialization?” While chatting, my friend Rima said, “I handle a large team in the multi-national company I work with. The team members get bogged down into daily work and don’t identify and work on specialization they should develop.

A Letter From Your Client

It was a very exciting week as we have added one more client to our list. Though it is a routine and normal process of getting hired as their management consultants in Pune, what made us to ponder was the letter we received from our client. Simply put, it had all the elements of what they expect from us, what we have to do and not to do. So far so good…

Failure teaches better than success

Says Morgan Fraud, the author of The Thinking Corporation, “Given that we are all capable of contributing new ideas, the question becomes how do you successfully generate, capture, process and implement ideas?” Becoming an organization capable of answering this question can benefit in a number of ways

8 Action items for entrepreneurs to make an effective marketing plan

Creating a marketing plan is a first step towards becoming a successful marketer. If you don’t have a marketing plan, at least get started by writing your plan on a single piece of paper. Your customer should know how your product/service different than the competitors. To get started, identify your strength and start communicating it through your marketing content.

How to Hack a business plan that works

Business Planning is required for New Organizations and Matured Organizations. Business Planning is used by Businesses and also by Cities, Countries, and Not for Profit Organizations. Business Planning is required for one person organization or a million people organization. In this session learn practical guidelines to hack a Business Plan that Works! By hack, we are referring to few simple tricks for business planning.