Lessons learned from entrepreneurial journey of women entrepreneur

Lessons learned from entrepreneurial journey of women entrepreneur


Recently I listened to entrepreneurial story at @TiEPune My Story Session. The women entrepreneur Ashwini Deshpande @ashwinielephant shared the story about her company Elephant Design.

I am sharing some of the lessons I learnt from the story.

  1. The entrepreneur got idea to start business from the classroom exercise on entrepreneurship she had done.
  2. Do not fall in love with your first idea.
  3. Have these clear roles in your business – business development, finance, talent management, building strategy for future.
  4. Develop second line of people early on and become dispensable.
  5. Reading books can help you in clarifying self-doubts.
  6. For social work, look around your backyard first. That is before solving global problems, first try to solve social problems close to you. Try to piggyback on commercial projects. Focus on ‘doing well by doing good’.
  7. Good design is good profit.
  8. The entrepreneur got first project for her business through the internship work she had done.
  9. Companies should select design agency based on experience of solving problems and design agency’s level of excitement.

I will look forward to your feedback.

Regards, Sachin Mohan Bhide, PhD Marketing Strategy Consultant Eha Management Consultancy

This communication shall not attach any liability on the originator or Eha Management Consultancy. There is a possibility that I may have noted some point incorrectly. It is advisable to double check the points before you take any decision based on it. I don’t represent any industry association, chamber of commerce, etc.

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