Personal Improvement System

personal improvement system

I was one of the worst communicator in my MBA class in year 1999. In the first semester itself I came to know about this. For the first time in my education, I was exposed to multilingual students and my limited communication skills in English were exposed. Then after, I decided to improve. My close friends were proactive enough do give me a written feedback. I still have those feedback documents. I started to improve on two fronts, content and context. For improving both, I started using my closest friends – books!

Today, the situation has changed. On a scale of zero to ten, I was at minus ten level in first semester of MBA course. With some efforts, I feel I am ahead at least by 10 points and on scale I feel I am at level zero today.

I am sharing what all efforts I take to improve myself.

  1. I read books from which I can learn something and can use the learning immediately.
  2. While reading, I highlight important points. After reading the book, I again read highlighted points whenever possible and try to inculcate the learning. I also share highlights of some books through a blog.
  3. For exceptional books which provide tremendous action items, I use post it notes for writing on the book at that specific point.
  4. I listen to podcasts (digital audio files/mp3) which are available for free on lot of topics. I download these podcasts on my phone and listen whenever time permits.
  5. I always carry one book in my bag. Whenever I get free time, like waiting at company’s reception area, I read a book. Once somebody asked me that if you get only five minutes of reading while you are waiting for somebody, what difference it makes? I said if we can do five minutes of reading per day for a year, you can read for 1825 minutes in a year!
  6. I subscribe to newsletters/blogs on interesting topics which are delivered to my email inbox.
  7. While reading newspaper, if I find some article of my interest or my client’s interest, I clip it immediately share it with my clients.

There are many more things I do for personal improvement but at this moment, let me stop here. I would love to know what you do for improving yourself.

  • Regards,
  • Dr. Sachin Mohan Bhide
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Eha Management Consultancy – Marketing consultancy to entrepreneurs

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