1 Day Hands-on Workshop on Advanced Digital Marketing

In this workshop we will have practical in each session on a computer with Internet connectivity provided at the venue. After setting up your digital marketing strategy, website, blog and email marketing system in place, it is time for Advanced Digital Marketing. In this workshop learn how your website visitors behave through Google Analytics. Learn to help your searchers through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A Letter From Your Client

It was a very exciting week as we have added one more client to our list. Though it is a routine and normal process of getting hired as their management consultants in Pune, what made us to ponder was the letter we received from our client. Simply put, it had all the elements of what they expect from us, what we have to do and not to do. So far so good…

‘Go to market’ strategy

You are working on developing a new product in highly competitive market. You have invested heavily in developing the product. You have set up research and development. You have invested in excellent machinery/tools. You have also set up supply chain for best in class raw material.